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Fraud Prevention & Reporting

We believe that working together is the best way to safeguard against financial fraud. We have a team of dedicated fraud experts working 24/7 to prevent, detect and investigate fraud and we work closely with industry associations, government and law enforcement. We invest in emerging and new technologies and maintain rigorous security procedures to ensure that you can enjoy doing business with us in a safe and secure environment.

We build fraud prevention measures into our due diligence process and regularly upgrade our fraud detection/prevention systems. Fraud detection and prevention activities are part of our normal business activities. Although technologies can make it easier for fraud to occur, we employ around the clock sophisticated monitoring systems and controls to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

At City National Bank, we use advanced security software and web-based services to protect confidential data and defend against online threats including phishing, malware, account takeovers, and more. These tools help City National to detect and stop hackers and malware before they can enter the bank’s information network.

In addition, City National offers cyber security tools to business clients free of charge. To learn what tools are available and how they can help protect your business, contact your Relationship Manager.

City National Bank will NEVER ask for personal information through e-mail. Your best protection against fraud is caution. Do not respond to any message asking for the following:

  • Password
  • PIN Number
  • Credit Card Validation Code
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • ATM Card, Check Card or Credit Card Numbers
  • Personal Information, such as your Social Security Number

Contact Us

If you believe you may be experiencing a fraudulent activity, please contact us immediately.

Call Us

If you believe your confidential information may have been stolen or obtained by a fraudulent party either online, by telephone or through any other means, call us immediately.

Report ID Fraud

If you think you are a victim of identity fraud and you are a City National client, contact your Relationship Manager or your nearest branch as soon as possible.

E-mail/Website Fraud

If you have received a suspicious e-mail or accessed a fraudulent City National website, please contact us to report the activity.

Report Credit Card Fraud
Report a Lost or Stolen Credit Card
Report a Lost or Stolen Check Card