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Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts

FDIC-insured deposit accounts are available in more than 20 foreign currencies, including euro, British pounds, Japanese yen, Australian and Canadian dollars, and Chinese renminbi.

Foreign Currencies, U.S. Accounts

City National's Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts allow you to make and receive payments in foreign currencies so you can take advantage of favorable exchange rates.1,2 And our accounts are domiciled in the U.S, providing FDIC insurance and simplified account management.3

Same-Day Conversions

Deposit funds into your account and receive same-day conversions to your currency of choice.


Accounts Held in the U.S.

Our Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts are held in the U.S., making it easier for you to open and manage your account.

FDIC Insurance

Funds in your Foreign Currency Deposit Account are insured up to the maximum amount allowable by the FDIC.3

Reduced Fees

Reduce or eliminate the fees associated with foreign exchange transactions.


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A Foreign Currency Deposit Account is a deposit account denominated in a currency other than U.S. dollars. Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts allow clients to receive, send and transact funds in supported foreign currencies.

Clients must have at least one City National Bank U.S. dollar deposit account open to qualify for a Foreign Currency Deposit Account. Call us or visit a branch to learn more.

Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts are available in the following currencies (as of April 1, 2021):

Australian Dollar AUD
British Pound Sterling GBP
Canadian Dollar CAD
Chinese Yuan (offshore) CNH
Czech Koruna CZK
Danish Krone DKK
Euro EUR
Hong Kong Dollar HKD
Israeli Shekel ILS
Japanese Yen JPY
Mexican Peso MXN
New Zealand Dollar NZD
Norwegian Krone NOK
Polish Zloty PLN
Singapore Dollar SGD
South African Rand ZAR
Swedish Krona SEK
Swiss Franc CHF
Thai Baht THB
Turkish Lira TRY
UAE Dirham AED

Doing business internationally?

Our global trade experts can help your company mitigate risks, expedite transactions, maximize liquidity, improve cash flow and transact abroad.

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Please view our Foreign Exchange Sales and Trading Practices for more information about our foreign exchange standards.

1. Clients must maintain at least one City National Bank U.S. dollar deposit account in good standing to qualify for a Foreign Currency Deposit Account. A Foreign Currency Deposit Account may be opened concurrently with a U.S. dollar deposit account if necessary. 

2. Currency is sold or purchased at City National's announced rates. Currency returned following delivery will be repurchased at City National's then current purchase rate. A service charge may apply on a transaction under a stated U.S. dollar amount. Orders for currency cancelled following confirmation but before delivery are subject to reversal at City National's then current purchase rate. Special orders for currency not carried in stock must be prepaid. Other transaction minimums and service fees may apply. Ask us for details.

3. While Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts are FDIC insured up to allowable limits, they are subject to exchange rate risk. Exchange rate risk is the risk of fluctuations or change in the value of the foreign currency, which are inherent in foreign exchange markets. Foreign currency valuation may be impacted by numerous economic, political and social factors as well as supply and demand and government intervention, control and adjustment. Clients should be aware of the risks involved and are solely responsible for any and all decisions relative to foreign currency transactions.