Business Lines of Credit

Keep your business moving.

Access the funds your business needs, when you need them, with a business line of
credit and support from your Relationship Manager.

Business Line of Credit
Access a revolving line of credit for your short-term working capital needs.


$1 Million*
  • Lines from $250,001 to $1 million
  • Revolving line of credit that renews annually
  • Interest-only monthly payments1
  • 0.25% rate discount when payments are made automatically with a City National checking account2

*Subject to credit approval.

Basic Business Builder
A flexible, unsecured, revolving line of credit with low rates and no transaction fees.


  • Unsecured lines from $10,000 to $250,000
  • No pre-determined term
  • Interest-only monthly payments1
  • 0.25% rate discount when payments are made automatically with a City National checking account2

*Subject to credit approval.

Why a Business Line of Credit?

A Dedicated Relationship Manager

All lending accounts are supported by a Relationship Manager who will guide you through the application process and any other banking needs.

Rate Discounts

You'll receive a 0.25% interest rate discount when you make automatic payments with a City National Bank business checking account.²

Secured Lines

Borrow against business assets to access lower
interest rates.


Easy Access to Funds

Access funds from your loan or line of credit through checks, online banking or telephone transfer.



A business line of credit allows your business to borrow money to supplement cash flow, take advantage of business opportunities, expand your business or cover a variety of other business expenses.

A business line of credit provides you with access to a certain amount of money that you can draw from when your business needs working capital. You will only need to pay back the amount you withdraw, plus interest.

Business lines of credit are typically secured or unsecured. A secured business line of credit requires the business to pledge collateral such as cash, inventory, property or equipment to secure funds, whereas an unsecured business line of credit does not require collateral.

Applicants must complete and submit an application through a City National Bank Relationship Manager. Give us a call, send us your information, or visit your local City National Bank branch to get started.

A business line of credit is a great way for growing businesses to satisfy its cash flow needs. Businesses can use funds for a variety of purposes, allowing you to allocate funds where you need them most. And unlike a loan, a business line of credit allows you to use funds only when you need them, and you are only required to pay interest on the amount that you use.

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Subject to credit approval. Secured loans and lines may allow for higher loan amounts or credit limits.


Variable rates are subject to change and may fluctuate.Monthly payment will also include any assessed fees. If line of credit is cancelled or terminated, monthly payments will change to principal and interest as well as any assessed fees.


If you have a City National Bank business checking account and elect the automatic payment feature, you will receive a 0.25% interest rate discount. If automatic payments are discontinued, we reserve the right to increase the client's interest rate by 0.25%.