Software Solutions

Do more business, digitally.

Our robust array of digitally enabled banking solutions support our clients' specialized needs, from managing
rights and royalties to streamlining payments and accounting.


Increase efficiency, visibility and security.

Our diverse suite of specialized financial software tools provide our clients with proprietary solutions
and niche expertise you won’t find anywhere else. 

Manage multiple clients.

AgilLink1 provides scalable bill pay while adding more control for business managers, sports professional firms and family offices.

Process complex payments.

Exactuals2 helps companies process high volumes of payments for non-employees through their flagship product, PaymentHub.

Take control of your intellectual property.

FilmTrack3 is one of the simplest, most powerful end-to-end rights management solutions in the entertainment industry.

Features & Benefits


Fully monetize your library of content


Bill Pay & Client Accounting

Scale bill pay and client accounting while adding more control


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Gain better insight and analytics for better decision making
*Exactuals, FilmTrack

Complex Calculations & Payments

Streamline and scale high-volume, non-payroll payments
*Exactuals, FilmTrack


Better manage and adhere to all contractual guidelines



Track artists’ back end payments from film participations



Electronically transmit residual payments quicker than paper checks

Rights & Brand Licensing

Manage brand licensing agreements accurately
and securely

Royalties In/Out

Allows businesses to speed up their royalty payment processes


Why City National?

Client Service

Strong relationships are the cornerstone of our business. Our team is available to help you with your day-to-day financial management needs.

Digital Solutions

We offer a suite of innovative solutions tailored to meet your unique needs through online, mobile and direct integration channels.

Strength & Stability

As a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), City National is
well-positioned to meet the needs of its clients.


City National Bank, its affiliates and subsidiaries, as a matter of policy, does not give tax, accounting, regulatory or legal advice. Rules in the areas of law, tax, and accounting are subject to change and open to varying interpretations. You should consult with your other advisors on the tax, accounting and legal implications of actions you may take based on any strategies presented taking into account your own particular circumstances.

1. AgilLink is an RBC company and is an affiliate of City National Bank.

2. Exactuals is an RBC company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of City National Bank.

3. FilmTrack is an RBC company and a subsidiary of City National Bank.