Software Solutions

Do more business, digitally.

We’ve joined forces with specialized financial providers to give our clients what they need. As a City National client, you’ll have access to our robust network of digitally-enabled banking solutions.


Our Family of Companies

Our diverse family of specialized financial providers provide our clients with proprietary solutions and niche expertise
you won’t find anywhere else. 

Manage multiple clients.

AgilLink¹ provides scalable bill pay while adding more control for business managers, sports professional firms and family offices.

Process complex payments with Exactuals

Exactuals2 helps companies process high volumes of payments for non-employees through their flagship product, PaymentHub.

Take control of your intellectual property.

FilmTrack3 is one of the simplest, most powerful end-to-end rights management solution in the entertainment industry.

Media & Insights

We know business banking and have been supporting clients for nearly 70 years as they manage their business finances.
Browse our library of insightful financial content to help inform your journey.

1. AgilLink is an RBC company and is an affiliate of City National Bank.

2. Exactuals is an RBC company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of City National Bank.

3. FilmTrack is an RBC company and a subsidiary of City National Bank.