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Fraud Prevention Tools

Help protect your company from costly threats with some of the latest digital fraud prevention tools from City National Bank.

Securing your finances is our top priority.

We take an aggressive stance against fraud, working closely with you and your decision makers to implement tools and processes that will help mitigate risks and protect your bottom line. 


We provide tools that allow you to specify user access levels and define limits to accounts, features and functionality. 


Set up alerts for one or multiple recipients to help you track account and payment activity and monitor transactions. 


Fraud monitoring tools proactively review transaction anomalies and client behaviorial patterns. 


Our Solutions

City National Business Suite℠

Business Suite provides advanced functionality across all treasury activities, including cash management, inquiry and reporting tools, domestic and international payments, fraud prevention and security tools. 

Positive Pay

Check fraud detection based on issued check numbers and dollar amounts. Our payee verify feature offers additional protection by matching payee names.


Account Reconciliation

Account Reconcilement Processing helps you save time and money involved with manually reconciling deposits and payments. Combined with Positive Pay, it's a powerful tool to help prevent check fraud.

ACH Fraud Protection

With ACH Positive Pay, Blocks and Filter Authorizations, we can customize a solution to help protect your business from fraudulent ACH transactions. 


Stop Payments¹

Online access to place, edit and cancel stop payment requests without having to call or visit a branch.



Account Management & Reporting

Our online treasury management solutions and information reporting tools allow clients to efficiently manage all account activity in one central place.

Major entertainment client. Award-winning payment solutions.

Find out how we helped our client create a powerful end-to-end payment solution and real time reporting.


The Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

Moving business infrastructure to the cloud provides numerous benefits, from improving efficiency to enhancing security. While it may seem counterintuitive to save sensitive data in the cloud, multiple layers of protection are in place for greater safety.

How to Protect Your Liquidity


Companies that have adequate liquidity on their books have had an easier time than most in weathering the current economic crisis. But the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic means that it is crucial to secure — and even grow — that cash.

7 Tips for Your Accounts Receivable Collection

Even with steady sales and growth, if your company has continual cash flow issues due to lack of accounts receivable management, that could slow or stop your company's growth.



1. Please refer to City National’s Account Agreement and Disclosures and Applicable Fee Schedule for details.