Add Travel Notices

Add Travel Notices to let us know when you’re traveling — up to 24 months in advance — and we’ll avoid flagging activity you make outside your normal spending radius.

Add a Travel Notice from the City National Bank App®

  1. Log in to the City National Bank App. From the Account Summary, select "Settings" from the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “Travel Notices.”
  3. Select your travel destination. You can choose multiple countries or states in the United States — just select the destination from the list to add it to your trip.
  4. Select "Save" when you've added all your destinations.
  5. Set your travel dates in the Datepicker — first, select your Depart date, then select your Return date.
  6. Select "Save" when you've set your dates.
  7. Select the eligible credit or debit cards you're bringing on your trip. Use the toggles to select individual cards, or toggle "Select All" to select all of them at once.
  8. Select "Save."
  9. Select "Confirm This Trip" to submit your travel notice. You'll see a final confirmation screen with your Travel Notice details. You'll also receive a confirmation email for your records.

Add a Travel Notice from a web browser

  1. Sign into City National Online.
  2. Open "My Accounts" in the top navigation menu.
  3. Select "Travel Notices."
  4. Select all the countries you're traveling to from the dropdown menu. If you select "United States of America," you'll see another dropdown menu appear to select specific states.
  5. Select the date when you plan to leave for your trip using the Datepicker. You can select a date up to 24 months before your trip.
  6. Select the date when you're coming back using the Datepicker. This date can be up to six months after your Start Date.
  7. Select eligible City National Bank card(s) you plan to use on your trip using the toggle. You can toggle "Choose All" to bring all of your eligible cards. You must select at least one card to continue.
  8. Select "Review."
  9. Confirm that your trip details are accurate. If you need to make changes, select "Make Changes" to go back and correct your information. Keep in mind that you'll need to call us to change or cancel your trip after you confirm this Travel Notice.
  10. Select "Confirm" when you're ready to submit your Travel Notice. You'll see a final confirmation screen with your Travel Notice details. You'll also receive a confirmation email for your records.

City National Bank App requires that you download the City National Bank App and is only available for select mobile devices. Requires setup in City National Online. Data connection required. Message and data rates may apply.

Refer to our Online and Mobile Banking Service Agreement to learn more about accessing our online and mobile services.