NFL Running Back Zack Moss Discusses His Other Team


Teamwork comes naturally to Zack Moss, running back for the Buffalo Bills. He played football at his Florida high school, then at the University of Utah before going pro in 2020.

This young athlete knew he needed more than his fellow football players to be successful. “It's important to have the right team around you" on and off the field, Moss told Charles Frazier, senior vice president and team leader in City National's Sports and Entertainment division.

Moss believes that having the right agent, CPA, and bank on his team is the key to planning his future after football. Frazier recalled his first conversation with Moss. “You were almost interviewing me more than I was interviewing you!" he said.

Chilly Buffalo winters are a big change from his Miami childhood. Moss, one of six children raised by a single mom, wants to set an example for his siblings as well as those facing challenges in his old neighborhood.

Learn more about Moss—including whether he's a Playstation or Xbox fan—in this episode of Beyond the Spotlight, City National's video series highlighting sports and entertainment professionals. 

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