Max Heineman's Vision for On-demand Video Creation Changed the Rules


What happens when you combine the gig-economy Uber model with top-tier creative talent from around the world? Max Heineman knows. He's the CEO and co-founder of toldright, a disruptive new model for video creation.

Demand for video content has exploded in recent years, and professional athletes and brands continue to use video to tell their stories…with varying degrees of skill. Toldright matches clients with experienced creative professionals to elevate the look and feel of their video content.

City National's Senior Vice President Todd Burach asked Heineman about the company he launched in 2020. Heineman said that when not everyone understood his concept, he knew he was on the right track to disrupting the industry.

Toldright's leadership team has deep expertise in sports marketing and media, and more than 1,500 on-demand video producers and content creators can be recruited for project teams. They can “dial it up or dial it down" as needed, Heineman said.

Telling stories through compelling videos with high production values lets athletes “leverage the locker room," said Burach, who works in the bank's Sports & Entertainment division. Building a personal brand now can pave the way for “second act" careers, he noted.

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