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Our Environmental Impact

Growing Green

When contemplating what matters most, the health of our planet is always top of mind. On a global and hyperlocal scale, perhaps nothing has a greater potential impact on people’s lives. 

That is why we wholeheartedly support efforts to protect the environment and usher in a more sustainable way of living — at the local level, at the individual level, at the office, at home, in our communities and all across our nation.

This belief is also important to the clients we work with, some of which are making major strides in sustainable energy initiatives that may have extraordinary benefits for today’s generation and future ones.

This is an issue that demands a truly holistic approach and affects the way we work. 

Investing in Sustainable Energy

In 2019, City National revisited our efforts toward renewable energy across our organization, with our Credit Policy Committee identifying three major areas of focus: expanding within existing markets, growing in product and market awareness and meeting ambitious benchmarks over a short timeline. 

Our efforts to grow our market portfolio in 2021 were incredibly effective. We are now directly financing solar and wind projects thanks to our team’s dedicated outreach to build relationships in this rapidly evolving industry.  

And we’re proud to have developed working relationships with clients who allowed us to cultivate an increased depth of market potential. We’ve also cultivated considerable new long-term client relationships to help ensure that we can see our goals through, together.

All along the way, we continue to adapt in the way we work and to the needs of our individual clients of all sizes, committing to a holistic approach to long-term deals and financing that is intended to maximize our impact over time. 

Getting Smarter About Energy

Also in 2021, City National was able to achieve a long-standing goal of gaining depth in this growing market, which we hope will create further opportunities to support the environmental work of clients who are equally ambitious and effective.

Through our efforts to back these major projects, our focus has been about deepening relationships and playing a lead role in financing deals and syndications in the market.

Our main goal was not the deals themselves so much as being a helpful participant and to start cultivating long-term relationships so that we can continue making a positive environmental impact for years to come. 

We are now directly and indirectly supporting projects that provide sustainable power across 31 states
3.1 gigawatts for up to 200,000 people
with financing approaching $1 billion.

Sustaining New Relationships

An important way to think of City National’s efforts to grow our involvement in the sustainable energy industry is that we are approaching these goals the same way we’ve always done business — putting people first.

We’re dedicated to financing and growing relationships rather than just helping to finance one-off projects and walk away.

As a testament to this approach, our recent portfolio review showed that a large portion of new deals are sourced from current relationships.

This is the way City National grows organically — by proactively reaching out to like-minded individuals with ambitious goals and then going above and beyond to understand those goals and help our clients achieve them. 

Our role is behind the scenes, guiding hugely consequential decisions regarding financing, helping our clients structure favorable deals and leading syndications across the market.

The fact that these clients are making great strides in advancing cleaner energy and environmental technology doesn’t change the way we do business; it simply presents a rewarding opportunity to align our work with our values.

Being led by these values and staying true to our core purpose will always be the foundation of how we work. 

Technology Clearing the Way

While solar and wind projects make up a very visible part of our growing effort to support sustainable energy, technological innovation is also proceeding apace, and City National is actively working to support it. 

As an example, one of our clients is working to capture methane generated by landfills, rather than let it escape into the air. In addition to preventing this greenhouse gas from entering the environment, technology is being developed to use the captured methane as an energy source, effectively benefitting two different environmental concerns at once. 

Lighting Up Solar

As of 2021, City National is proud to report that community solar investments compose one-third of our sustainable energy financing portfolio.

Through these projects, we are working with organizations to support their efforts to deliver sustainable energy to diverse communities, including low- to moderate-income communities most in need of support.

As an example, a Buffalo, N.Y., public housing project is now using community solar energy thanks to one such initiative we financed.

We continue to look for ways to help others make more headway with greener energy sources. 

Our Impact

City National Bank might do the same things other banks do, but the way we do them is different. Since our founding in 1954, our commitment to people and relationships has remained the starting point for everything we do.
We invite you to see some of the other ways we support our community and world.

Educational Impact

When it comes to learning, we believe it’s important to be a student for life to stay relevant in our ever-changing world. 

Food Sustainability Impact

As our population increases, so does the demand for food. It has never been more crucial to produce food as sustainably as possible. 

Housing Impact

City National has made it part of our mission to partner with organizations that help make housing dreams come true.