Education Lights the Way

We’re committed to giving back to the communities we serve. That’s why we support educational programs that aim to provide today’s youth with a strong foundation for future success.

Growing a Love for Learning

At City National, one of our most significant goals is to empower children and adults within our communities by providing more access to the tools they need to thrive.

By reinvesting millions in Dollars + Sense and 20 years of Reading is The way up®, we’ll continue to help provide others with the education needed to succeed in today’s world.

We’ve donated more than 25,000 backpacks since 2010.

More than 1.3M children have benefited from our Reading is The way up literacy programs.

We’ve invested more than $15.9M in education
since 2001.

Making Dollars + Sense

Teaching people about sound money management skills as early as possible is critical to their future success.
That’s why Dollars + Sense was born.

This financial education program helps children and adults improve their understanding of concepts and strategies around personal finances.

Free and easily accessible online, Dollars + Sense is a self-paced series of interactive modules that cover key financial concepts such as saving, investing, credit scores and identity protection, and it’s available in both English and Spanish.

Simply register or log in to start planning your financial future today!


A Multimillion-Dollar Commitment to Los Angeles

To get opportunities for financial education in the hands of more children in a fun and engaging way, we partnered with the second-largest school district in the country, Los Angeles Unified (LAUSD).

In 2019, we made a $1 million commitment to bring Dollars + Sense to every high school in the district. In the first three years of the initiative, we reached over 31,000 students with more than 93,000 hours of financial education.

In a ceremony held at Crenshaw High School in April 2022, our CEO of City National Entertainment Kelly Coffey presented superintendent Alberto Carvalho with a renewal of that $1 million commitment, as well as a student scholarship. 

Reading is The way up

The year 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Reading is The way up, a program we started in 2002 as an authentic way to provide children access to books and get them excited about reading. 

Today, this initiative has evolved to promote literacy in young people from kindergarten through high school.

In our two decades of working to support literacy, we have donated more than 1.2 million books and nearly 1.3 million children have benefited.

We are proud to be the only corporation awarded the National Book Foundation’s Innovation in Reading Prize.


For kids to succeed in school, the right tools and equipment make an outsized difference. That’s why, in 2022, we supplied 4,000 backpacks stocked with school supplies to K-12 students.

We also set up two book vending machines, in Reno and Las Vegas, with hopes of expanding the program to more cities in the near future. In total, 6,000 students benefited from these programs. 


We supplied more than 4,000 backpacks stocked with school supplies to K-12 students in 2022.


In total, 6,000 students benefited from our 2022 backpack and textbook giveaways.

L.A. Unified School District

We renewed our $1M commitment to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in 2022.

Supporting DE&I Through Early Career Development

With education as one of our core values, we’re proud of the work we do to lift up
underserved populations through the power of experience. 

Through our summer internship, rotational training and work study programs, we give young people what is often their first insight into the corporate world, including opportunities to connect with senior leadership like our CEO of City National Entertainment Kelly Coffey.

Colleagues across the bank welcome nearly 50 interns each summer for hands-on learning and real-world problem-solving.

Through our rotational programs, we provide early career professionals with up to two years of skill development, industry knowledge and guidance.

Keeping to our commitment to building an inclusive culture, we strive for equal representation for women and 75% diverse representation in our early career programs, partnering with organizations including College Match, INROADS and Peninsula Bridge.

Our early career programs not only provide invaluable learning experiences; they also are an essential talent pipeline for us. With the bank’s strong focus on people and relationships, we ensure the program cohorts are not just seen as temporary help but are warmly welcomed as part of the team.