The Business of Black Leadership 2020: Featuring Nwaka Onwusa and Jeff and Nicole Friday


Celebrating Black leadership - in business, art and life - was at the heart of City National's 4th Annual Business of Black Leadership event, held virtually in November 2020.

Nwaka Onwusa, chief curator of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, moderated vital discussions during the event about the history of Black leadership and activism in the arts, how this history plays an important role in current events and the necessity of continuing to provide a platform for Black storytellers to share their work.

Power couple and co-founders of the American Black Film Festival Jeff and Nicole Friday keynoted the event.

Watch the video above to learn about:

  • The leadership role Jeff has played in helping to shape history and Hollywood.
  • How the exploration, curation and promotion of Black art by leaders such as Jeff, Nicole and Nwaka has documented American life from a Black perspective.
  • The significance of film and art in the lives of Black people, and the necessity of leadership in the entertainment industry. 

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