BeBe Winans on What it Takes to Have Success as Artist and Entrepreneur


At this year's Business of Black Leadership event, actor and producer Wren T. Brown interviewed Benjamin "BeBe" Winans. The six-time Grammy Award winner, author and actor spoke about how he built a career in entertainment, what role his faith played and how he cultivated a creative process that led to repeatable success.

He gave viewers key insights into what it takes to be a successful artist and entrepreneur while exploring different avenues and passion areas.

Timestamps to get you straight into the conversation:

  • 2:05 — The single most important thing to have for success and how Winans has used it to make major transitions in his life.
  • 16:15 — Exactly what his creative songwriting process is and how he finds inspiration.
  • 20:00 — The power of introductions and why he doesn't believe in chasing an opportunity.
  • 31:45 — What influences shaped Winans' creativity and the legacy he hopes to pass to the next generation.
  • 32:15 — What it means to be an artist as an entrepreneur.

City National Bank presented the event in support of entrepreneurs and their businesses within the black community on November 12, 2019. 

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