International Banking Online

International Banking Online With a Mobile Device


By streamlining your business and personal international banking activities, International Banking Online helps you make swift decisions, manage liquidity, and monitor foreign exchange (FX) market volatility. Our integrated online platform is accessible with a single set of credentials, and consists of two modules – Foreign Exchange and Trade Services – that are available individually or together for a complete online international banking solution.

Helping Your Business Stay on Top of the World

In today's fast-moving marketplace, success depends on efficient transaction management. As your business grows internationally, paperwork and tracking burdens increase – and transactions may require making and receiving payments in a variety of foreign currencies. International Banking Online gives your business round-the-clock access to all the tools and information you need to efficiently enhance your global business.

From any Internet-enabled computer you can easily monitor and manage your FX and Trade Services activity. International Banking Online features an FX module to streamline international payments, and support Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts and other foreign exchange needs. It is compliant with the required Reg E disclosures as per Dodd-Frank Act Section 1073. The Trade Services module provides support for trade contracts including Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections, and financing requests. The system is highly secure, easy to use, and requires no special hardware or software to implement.


Account information: Inquire on and manage your FX and import/export trade activity; view Foreign Currency Deposit Account (FDCA) balances in real time; review transaction details and account history; manage notifications or messages that may require action; set up and view calendar reminders of transactions or events.

Quotes: Obtain customized real time FX rate quotes.

Wires: Initiate foreign-currency- or U.S.-dollar-denominated wires from your FCDAs; send foreign-currency-denominated wires from your U.S. dollar accounts; inquire on incoming wire transfers into your FCDAs; enjoy lower electronic-initiated wire fees. Learn more »

Transfers: Easily transfer funds between your FCDAs and related U.S. dollar accounts; save time and reduce errors by setting up templates for frequent transactions.

Payments: Send payments in more than 90 currencies.

Forwards: Draw down and settle your existing FX forward contracts.

Import/export support: Initiate and manage Import/Export Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections, and requests for trade financing; submit payment and collection details to City National for your import/export related transactions. Learn more »

Reports: Inquire on processing status; access real time transaction information; utilize prebuilt reports; create your own customized reports to suit your specific needs.


Time savings: Benefit from streamlined administration of your international banking activities. Beneficiary and content libraries, templates that pre-fill commonly used information such as payment details or trade-related terms and clauses, and bookmarks help speed up transactions and navigation. Use the dashboard feature for an at-a-glance view of actions required and a calendar of upcoming activities.

Reduced costs: Enjoy lower electronic-initiated wire fees with no enrollment, setup, monthly usage or access fees for International Banking Online, or for performing inquiries or transferring funds between accounts.

Improved control: Manage other users’ access by setting transaction limits, and creating permissions and levels of authority. Assign secondary approval to specific employees, if desired.

Enhanced security: Protect your accounts with integrated security tokens that work across multiple City National online services and utilize 128-bit encryption – the highest level of encryption generally available today. A three-tier logon and sessions that terminate after no activity for a defined time period help to prevent unauthorized access.

24/7 Access: Immediately access your accounts, with a PC and Internet connection, any time and anywhere. FX related transactions including wires, account transfers and FX transactions are accepted in International Banking Online during FX trading hours, which are 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays.


International Banking Online provides the latest in international banking technologies, and offers the option of additional high-level online support. Your Foreign Exchange Advisor or Trade Specialist can assist you with all transactions, providing you with proactive advice and more effective financial solutions – along with the extraordinary service you are accustomed to receiving from City National.


If you're ready for a more efficient and secure way to handle your international banking needs, contact us today. To sign up for International Banking Online, or to learn more about how the system can simplify your Foreign Exchange or Trade Services processes, please call (888) 309-5139 to speak with an FX Advisor or Trade Specialist.