Rodrigo Nieto on Banking the Latin Entertainment Industry

Aug 19, 2021

Rodrigo Nieto, vice president and team leader in Entertainment Banking, was recently a guest on the notable Spanish language podcast "Checking Con Mauro." Nieto sat down with podcast host Mauro Londono, to discuss City National's highly customized Latin Entertainment Banking division. The interview was conducted in Spanish. 

City National does business in Miami and the state of Florida as CN Bank.

"Oftentimes, bankers don't understand the work and the complexity of entertainers," says Nieto. "CN Bank understands the industry and can provide highly specialized services to our clients." He goes on to say, "The Latin artist is a global artist. That means the business is growing. Latin artists are generating revenue on a global scale."

City National is one of the very few financial institutions that not only understands the banking and financial needs of the Latin entertainment industry, but also developed a team to support this segment. Nieto led the establishment of this team and the opening of the CN Bank Miami office in October 2019. A majority of Nieto's clients are Latin artists whose first language is Spanish.

Nieto explains that it's City National bankers' deep knowledge and understanding of the entertainment industry's business complexities, as well as the cultural nuances that are unique to Latin artists that give CN Bank a competitive advantage over other banks.

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Watch the video interview in Spanish on YouTube and Instagram TV.

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