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Your money should work as hard as you do.

The most effective wealth plan continuously evolves, working for you by capturing opportunities while managing risk.

City National’s Private Banking team will help you take advantage of the wealth you’ve created by identifying and pursuing key ways to grow your assets.

Based on a thorough understanding of what matters most to you, your Private Banking team will provide banking, credit and investment solutions to help increase your wealth.

Transfer Your Wealth

It's important to start thinking about your money's future — today.

Protect Your Wealth

The most important part of growing your wealth: Protecting your assets.

Media & Insights

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Entrepreneurs: You Need an Estate Plan to Protect Your Spouse and Business

While it's always important to have an estate plan in place, it's even more vital if you own a business. The future of a business when one spouse passes is of particular importance if it is the main source of income for the spouse.

3 Principles for Managing Money as a Couple

Whether or not you decide to merge your money into joint bank accounts or not, there are three key principles all couples should practice when managing money together.