Family Card Functionality

Not just for families!

Looking for a way to track or control the spending of the authorized users on your City National personal credit card account? With family card functionality, Primary* and Joint Account Holders are provided with the appropriate tools for monitoring such spend activity for each card issued under the account.

How Does Family Card Functionality Work?

Family card functionality allows the Primary and Joint Account Holder on the credit card account, through our City National Online® service, to establish and manage individual spending limits for each authorized user, monitor transaction activity on all cards, and more. Additionally, each card issued under the credit card account is assigned a unique number. This has the added benefit that if a card is lost or stolen, only that card needs to be replaced (as opposed to all cards under the account). 

City National Online

To use this functionality, Primary and Joint Account Holders must log in to City National Online to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Set and adjust spending limits for all authorized users.
  • View transaction activity by cardholder and access monthly electronic credit card statements. 
  • Establish and manage card alerts for one or more individual cards.

Authorized user cardholders may also log in to City National Online to view balances and transaction activity, as well as manage card alerts, for their own individual credit cards.

View our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

*The Primary Account Holder is the individual first named in the name and address section on the billing statement.