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Our Mission

City National's mission is to provide the ultimate banking experience for successful entrepreneurs and professionals through an uncommon dedication to extraordinary service, proactive advice and total financial solutions.

Legal Services

Conclusive Evidence: Your Banking Relationship = Firm Success

Does your bank have the know-how to handle the business matters and cash flow requirements unique to the legal profession?

Having the right banking relationship is a key component to your firm's success. At City National, the associates in our Legal Services Group have spent years learning the infrastructure needed to fully support the financial requirements of law firms.

What do we offer that other banks don't? With us, it's truly personal.

  • Our senior management is directly involved in your banking relationship - and you can reach them directly.
  • You have the option of before- and after-hours banking by appointment.
  • Your firm's private banker will coordinate banking services for your partners.
  1. We dive deep and get to know your firm – We spend time with you and immerse ourselves in your business. We learn all we can about what your firm needs for success.
  2. We provide all the products and services you need -– We offer a full suite of financial and investment products and services to help your firm run efficiently.
  3. We tailor our products and services for your firm – We use our in-depth knowledge to create a highly tailored approach to the products and services we offer you.

Financing helps firms thrive

"Civil cases usually take a year to ten years. The credit line that City National provides allows us to keep our doors open. City National Bank gives me the option to take on cases that I believe in and to do the right thing."Benjamin Schonbrun, Civil Rights Attorney

We're sensitive to your need for flexibility when you require cash to finance things like income leveling for partners, temporary operating expenses, and unique opportunities such as moving to a new space or making much needed leasehold improvements.

Personal financial goals for partners & associates

Individuals at your firm have personal financial goals they want to meet. Our legal services team creates financing solutions to help partners and associates with their personal finances and investments.

We offer firm attorneys:

  • A personal banking relationship with a Private Banker at City National
  • Residential mortgages for established clients
  • Personal secured and unsecured lines and loans
  • Portfolio management services designed for every level of investing
  • Checking, savings and money market accounts
  • Online Banking

We're accessible

"When dealing with other major banks you're dialing 1-800-India. You can hear back from them in two days and if you finally get them they don't know what you're talking about. There is clearly a relationship between our firm and City National, from the top down."Barry Jackson, Executive Director, Davis & Gilbert

Let's Talk

To learn more about how our Legal Services Group can help your legal firm and its partners and associates with automated processes, treasury management, bank account solutions and more, please call (213) 673-9500, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (PT) and ask to speak to one of our Legal Services experts.