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City National Bank strives to offer clients both superior services and advanced technology with our E-Deposit remote deposit capture service. Our E-Deposit service provides you with significant functionality such as:

  • Increased flexibility, including support for a wide array of scanners and multiple locations.
  • Ability to use both PC and Mac computers interchangeably.
  • Enhanced security options, enabling you to control precisely which permissions each user enjoys.
  • Easier administration, shorter learning curves and expanded reporting options. You can add and maintain your users as well as your business locations.
  • Eliminates duplicates - As items are scanned, they are verified to prevent duplicates across the entire database and not just your individual computer.
  • Coming soon: Mobile access with an Apple and Android phone and tablet application.

In addition to your City National Bank Relationship Manager, our Client Services team is available to assist with any inquiries you may have regarding the transition to our new E-Deposit system. You can reach the team at {{8005990020_treasury_call_center}}, {{8005990020_hours}}.

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