Business woman on cell phone looking at StuckyNet-Link on computer

Access to your ABL Loan 24/7

StuckyNet-LinkTMallows you to access loan information online and submit the borrowing base posting along with supporting documents securely via the Internet.

StuckyNet-Link is your 24-hour access to your current loan status, ledger, and ineligible balances through a user-friendly web interface. Additionally, the system enables you to complete your borrowing base certificate online and frees you from costly burden of printing, packaging, and shipping back up reports, saving you time and cost.

StuckyNet-Link features include:

  • Borrowing base certificate
  • Borrowing base history
  • Upload files
  • Upload history
  • Loan status reporting
  • Loan ledger reporting
  • Monthly interest statements
  • History of ineligibles
  • Availability under the ABL revolving loan
  • Online services (receive messages posted by City National)

We also recommend

  • Workstation access to electronic copies of supporting documentation
  • Scanner for converting paper documents to an electronic format
  • Microsoft Excel, Lotus Notes, or other spreadsheet software

Getting Started

To sign up for StuckyNet-Link or for more information call the StuckyNet-Link Administrator at (866) 855-0555.