Commercial Accounts Payable

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Harness the security, speed, and buying power of a City National Bank Visa® Commercial Credit Card1 that uses virtual account numbers to process payments. Commercial AP is a credit card-based, online electronic payment system that is safer, simpler and more profitable. It enables you to create greater efficiencies without changing your current accounts payable processes so you can:

Streamline Procurement

  • Exact Pay ensures payment of precise invoice amounts, lowering error rates.
  • Web-based Supplier Enrollment facilitates uploading supplier profiles and account information.
  • Bulk Invoice Processing allows submission of many accounts payable invoices within a file.
  • On-Demand Supplier Payments lets you quickly establish payments to new suppliers.

Increase Productivity

  • Automated Reconciliation simplifies workflow tasks and provides:
    • Accurate reconciliation
    • Reduced 1099 reporting

Maximize Working Capital

Commercial AP also benefits your business by providing:

  • Improved cashflow forecasting and management
  • Greater spending controls
  • Cost savings through the reduction of check processing expenses
  • An option to receive a revenue rebate based on spending

How it Works

1. You initiate a transaction to pay your supplier.
2. A virtual single-use account number goes to your supplier.
3. Your supplier uses this single-use account number to charge your Commercial AP account for the invoice amount you owe.
4. The payment posts to your Commercial AP account.

All virtual single-use account number transactions roll up to your Commercial AP account for review, easy reconciliation and extensive reporting.

Transform your payment processing with Commercial AP

City National will work with you to contact your suppliers and encourage them to accept credit card-based payments using Commercial AP. We also provide implementation support and ongoing product assistance.

Getting Started

To learn more, call us at (800) 773-7100, Monday through Thursday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (PT). You can also contact us online or visit one of our local City National locations.

  1. Commercial AP Visa Commercial Credit Card account is subject to credit approval.