Currency Management

Business Clients and Advisors Discuss International Currency Management

Confidently Venture Abroad with Your Venture

City National offers a number of powerful international currency management tools and services to maximize your personal international banking needs and to mitigate the risk of currency fluctuations.

International Payments and Collections

Cross-border transaction services can ensure that your foreign payments and collections are executed correctly and on time using international wires  denominated in US dollars or in foreign currency. Processing of incoming foreign checks is another unique service we offer. Learn more »

Foreign currency deposit accounts

Useful for supporting incoming and outgoing transactions in foreign currency, FDIC-insured deposit accounts are available as liquid accounts or interest-bearing term accounts in 18 foreign currencies including Euro, British pounds, Japanese yen, Australian and Canadian dollars, and Chinese Renminbi.

Foreign exchange

Spot Contracts - Used to send or receive foreign payments, typically for settlement in one or two business days.

Forward Contracts - Used to manage cash flow or exposure over time by fixing an exchange rate now for a payment or receipt of funds expected at a specified date in the future.

Advanced Foreign Exchange Services - A variety of Forward Option contracts with “Open” or “Window” delivery dates are available when greater flexibility with maturity dates is needed. FX Swap Contracts provide use of a foreign currency without the volatility of spot rate fluctuations and are useful in stabilizing exchange rates between currencies or to either accelerate or extend the maturity date for the delivery of currency.

Foreign Currency Service

Our convenient service helps you avoid the frustration of searching for an exchange office in a foreign country.  We buy and sell all major currencies and support a wide variety of emerging market currencies from around the world. Learn more »  

Getting Started

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