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Using a specialized scanner, you scan checks and electronically send check images to City National for deposit. 

Simplify your deposit process.

Using a specialized scanner, you scan checks and electronically send check images to City National for deposit. This service reduces or replaces your need to deliver deposits via courier or in person at a banking office, and potentially offers you additional time and cost savings. City National E-DepositSM service allows you to consolidate your bank accounts while improving your efficiency and cash flow.

How E-Deposit Works

  • Scan - Specialized desktop scanners capture the front and back of each check, including the MICR line information and dollar amounts.
  • Review - Checks are totaled and an "electronic deposit ticket amount" is prepared for your review and approval.
  • Transmit - Electronically send check images to City National, no matter how many items, locations, accounts or deposits you make.

E-Deposit Benefits

  • Add Convenience - Prepare and submit your deposits to City National where it’s convenient for you, according to your work schedule. Deposits can be sent during non-banking hours, including weekends and holidays.1
  • Reduce Expenses - Eliminate the cost of deposit courier or employee trips to the bank and minimize check processing charges. Without the need for a local branch to make check deposits, you can consolidate your banking relationships and reduce fees related to multiple bank relationships.
  • Improve Cash flow - Increasing deposit frequency puts your money to work sooner and improves cash flow. You can also take advantage of accelerated clearings and expanded deposit cutoff times.
  • Increase Efficiency - Scanning creates an electronic copy of each deposited check, eliminating the need to photocopy and file checks. Multiple location reporting gives you a snapshot of all your sites that are accepting and processing deposits.
  • Reduce Fraud - Deposit checks quickly, begin the collection process sooner and find out about returned checks faster. 
  • Scanner Options for every Business Size - Whether your business processes a few checks each day, or many checks, we have scanners that will fit your needs.2  Our inexpensive scanners are perfect for small businesses. We also offer larger scanners that can process up to 50 checks at a time for higher volume clients.

Getting Started

To sign up for a Treasury Management service or for more information, please call Treasury Management Client Services at (800) 599-0020, Monday through Friday, 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (PT). You can also contact us online.

Integrated treasury management solutions.

From cash management to fraud mitigation, we can help you increase efficiencies, strengthen controls, manage risk and reduce the cost of borrowing.

1. Please refer to City National’s Account Agreement and Disclosures and applicable Fee Schedule for details on funds availability.

2. Services provided may be subject to a separate agreement on application approval.