In Conversation with Kelly Coffey and U.S.VETS: Supporting Our American Veterans


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Combating veteran homelessness, like other important social issues, has required additional support during the coronavirus pandemic. As many of our veterans decided to serve our country as a way out of difficult situations or to establish meaningful careers, they now are tasked with re-integrating into a society characterized by a health crisis, systemic racism and a troubled economy.

With Veterans Day just around the corner, City National Bank CEO Kelly Coffey speaks with three individuals on the forefront of affordable housing, counseling, career development and comprehensive support for American veterans during this time and beyond. In this episode of the Conversations podcast, hear from:

  • U.S.VETS President and CEO Steve Peck, who is leading the organization through the turbulence in the U.S. this year caused by the coronavirus pandemic, while maintaining a focus on racial and social equities and the mission to end veteran homelessness.

  • U.S.VETS COO Darryl Vincent, who oversees programs and operations nationally, including all Executive Directors and staff across the organization's 11 service areas.

  • CEO of United Talent Agency (UTA) Jeremy Zimmer, who is guiding UTA and its clients through the uncertain future of Hollywood during the pandemic, while also serving as chair of the U.S.VETS campaign called The Veterans Fund, which is raising funds to build what aims to be the nation's largest veteran housing community.

As the leaders take turns introducing themselves and the challenges that American veterans face today, learn what it takes to make progress, the difference between equity and equality and how you can help.

Public-private partnerships are critical in the fight to end homelessness. Coffey, Peck, Vincent and Zimmer have a strong passion and commitment to supporting our veterans, and they invite you to join the conversation. 

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