Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong: Demystifying Covid-19


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Most medical professionals consider their work to be a calling, not just a career. But Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, renowned transplant surgeon and owner of the Los Angeles Times, has extended that calling from health care into true healing, including stamping out injustices as well as viruses.

In the latest episode of the Conversations podcast, host and City National Bank CEO Kelly Coffey speaks with Dr. Soon-Shiong about his journey from a childhood in South Africa to surgical training at UCLA and inventing the cancer-fighting drug Abraxane. They also touch on his 2018 acquisition of the LA Times and the groundbreaking reporting the paper is doing on social injustice and the coronavirus pandemic.

As Dr. Soon-Shiong discusses the medical research now underway to treat COVID-19 more effectively and the effort to find a vaccine, he delivers a sober assessment on how the virus affects the human body.  

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