Conversations with Elise Buik: Community is Built on Connection


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Elise Buik joined the United Way of Greater Los Angeles in 1994 and became the first female president and CEO in 2005. Her commitment to addressing the city's social and economic challenges has never wavered and, today, she continues to seek new ways to solve problems.

City National's CFO Chris Carey, host of this Conversations episode, is uniquely prepared to speak with Buik on the topic of building community. He sits on the board of the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

Buik admits that fundraising “takes a hit" during economic downturns, but the pandemic has only intensified her zeal for United Way's mission: “We are more connected than we realized," she notes in the podcast.

On the topic of leadership, Buik says she's encouraging United Way staff members to practice self-care to protect their physical well-being and mental health. At the same time, she's actively seeking collaborations with leaders in many fields to eliminate barriers to education, housing and economic mobility.

Breaking the cycle of poverty makes cities a better place for everyone. 

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