Conversations with Doc Rivers: Sports and Leadership


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Joining the City National Conversations podcast this week, Doc Rivers, head coach of the LA Clippers, shares his powerful leadership philosophies and how he is leading his team through this unprecedented time.

As many of us continue to work from home, including Clippers players who have converted rooms in their houses to home gyms, it's vitally important to stay positive, motivated and focused for the days ahead, Rivers said. And constant communication is key to making that motivation become reality.

Listen in as Doc Rivers speaks with Russell Goldsmith, Chairman of City National Bank and RBC Wealth Management-U.S., about how athletes are experiencing more emotional and cognitive fatigue than usual - along with all of us - and how clear leadership and connectivity can carry us through.

While arenas full of fans and typical routines are duly missed, Goldsmith and Rivers remind us how great players can excel under any circumstances. The two agree that at the highest levels of sport and business, there are no accidental successes. 

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