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Foreign Exchange Services

Meet your global opportunities with insights, solutions and support from our dedicated Foreign Exchange Advisors.¹ 

Features & Benefits

Our Foreign Exchange Advisors will leverage a full suite of banking and investment solutions to help you achieve your profit margins and manage risk.¹

Protect Profit Margins

Protect your profit margins by locking in foreign exchange rates for a future date using forward contracts. 


Improve Returns

Options contracts allow you to benefit from favorable currency movement.


Manage Exposure

Our seasoned Foreign Exchange Advisors will help devise a hedging strategy to manage your expsoure to somewhat volatile foreign exchange markets.

Make Informed Decisions

Our Foreign Exchage team provides daily and weekly insights so you can make better decisions for your business.

Our Solutions

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts provide a locked-in currency rate today, for settlement in the future, allowing you to protect your sales margins.

Forward "window" contracts provide a range, or window, of delivery dates providing more flexibility for your cash flow.

Options Contracts

Options contracts function similarly to forward contracts, but do not require the obligation to settle. An upfront premium is required for options contracts, but there are ways to structure options to mitigate premium costs.

Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts

City National's Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts allow you to make and receive payments in foreign currencies so you can take advantage of favorable exchange rates.

Currency Linked Certificate of Deposit (CD)

A currency linked CD offers the possibility of a higher yield deposit depending on the market price of a currency.

Dual Currency Investment

A dual currency investment offers a potentially higher return over traditional deposits, with the holder repaid in a currency outside of their preference — most helpful when there is a consistent need for two different currencies.

Global Market Insights

We deliver weekly and monthly insights and special alerts regarding critical world events and significant market movements to help you manage your funds. 

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Manage your interest rate risk.

Protect your business from unpredictable market rate changes and make more informed business decisions with powerful interest rate hedging strategies.

All loans, lines of credit and other credit products are subject to credit approval. Additional terms and conditions apply.

1. Foreign exchange services and products are subject to eligibility and suitability criteria. Please view our Foreign Exchange Sales and Trading Practices for more information.