Manage Payables

Easily Customize & Control Your Payables

Business Online

You're just a keystroke away from online management of your small business cash resources.

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Online Positive Pay

Our exclusive service that can help you reduce fraud.

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Business Bill Pay

Pay your bills online at any time, day or night, to anyone in the United States.

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City National Book2BankSM

Leverage QuickBooks® to pay your bills with less effort.  Choose either remote checks or electronic payments, and promote greater control and security for your funds.

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Wire Transfers

The fastest method for moving funds to another entity.

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Payroll Services

Pay employees and file payroll-related taxes on time and accurately. We can customize Payroll Service Packages to suit your small business requirements.

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Pay your federal, state and local taxes electronically using the Internet or your touch-tone telephone.

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Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Save time and money by eliminating manual transfers between accounts. Zero Balance Accounting moves money between a parent and subsidiary accounts.

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Getting Started

To sign up for a Treasury Management service or for more information, please contact us or call Treasury Management Client Services between 5:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (PT) Monday through Friday (800) 599-0020.