Online Services for Small Business

The online suite for small business owners

  • Business Online - Small businesses require the same financial tools as large businesses. In fact, controlling your cash resources, accessing up-to-date information to support your financial decisions, and reducing the risk of fraudulent activity is extremely important to your bottom line. With Business Online, you have access to it all, with an online banking system that has been specifically developed with small businesses like yours in mind. Learn more »

Make Deposits from the Office

  • E-Deposit - Using a specialized scanner and your computer, you scan checks and electronically send check images to City National for deposit. Learn more »

International Services

  • International Banking Online - Intuitive and simple to use, our integrated online platform supports the international banking needs of business and personal clients. A Foreign Exchange (FX) module streamlines international payments, and supports Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts and other foreign exchange needs. A Trade Services module provides support for trade transactions including Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections, and financing requests. The two modules are available individually or together for a complete online international banking solution. Learn More »

Manage Tax Payments

  • City Tax - making tax payments is quick and easy. Through the Internet you can enter your payment, verify and confirm your transaction and print your payment submission acknowledgement without ever leaving your desk. Learn more »

View Images of Deposits

  • Wholesale Lockbox - View, print, export and even download images of deposited checks and stubs right from your desktop. Expedite posting your account receivables with online summary and detail reports of all your current day's received payments. Learn more »

Download Data

  • e-CityRec - Reconciliation of your company's bank accounts has never been easier. With eCityRec, you can import all your accounts into your accounting software and match paid items to your books. Learn more »

Using QuickBooks?

  • The QuickBooks® Direct Connect service within our Treasury Net services allows you to download City National Bank business account information directly into QuickBooks. Learn more »

Mobile Access

  • Instant access to key banking functions when you're away from the office. Learn more »