City National Bank Builds Out Entertainment Ecosystem Integrating Software Affiliates Exactuals and AgilLink

Creates first-of-its-kind straight-through processing of royalty and residual payments

Sep 22, 2021

Exactuals announced today it has launched its PaymentHub-AgilLink integration feature in partnership with Datafaction and City National Bank. The new integration streamlines the payment flow and back office operations of business managers and other firms that service end talent. This digitized process is more secure than the mailing of paper checks, allowing clients to get paid faster and for business managers to work more efficiently and remotely.

The new integration enables electronic statements from the payee’s union to automatically appear and be associated with the direct deposit in AgilLink, Datafaction’s cloud-based accounting and secure bill pay solution, within 24 hours. The integration enables business managers to be fully digital when it comes to residual payments and related statements. PaymentHub, Exactuals’ global payment platform, processes payments digitally for the entertainment industry. It brings improved access to talent/payees by allowing them to view their payments and statements as they get paid. PaymentHub users who have set up direct deposit from their union to any domestic bank account can now access all their payment information online, wherever they may be.

PaymentHub’s integration with AgilLink brings significant advantages to entertainment business managers and their clients. It saves them time and allows them to work more safely in a remote environment as everything is digital. Business managers no longer need to log into each client’s union account to download PDF statements, then re-upload and attach them to their client’s AgilLink transaction. Now the statement will automatically appear in AgilLink, eliminating manual errors. It enables business managers to reconcile their clients’ accounts quicker and more efficiently than their current workflow. “It’s a game changer,” said John McILwee, founder of J. McILwee & Associates, Inc., a business management firm based in Los Angeles, CA that utilizes the integration. “In terms of time savings between the direct deposit of checks and then the transaction recording with the Exactuals integration, it’s got to save me 70%-80% or more,” MclLwee noted.

By integrating these two best in class platforms, I cannot stress enough the significant amount of time this will save firms that manage end talent.” Bryan Walley, COO & President of Exactuals.

“Linking PaymentHub and AgilLink is a significant step forward. By integrating these two best in class platforms, I cannot stress enough the significant amount of time this will save firms that manage end talent,” said Bryan Walley, COO & President of Exactuals. “By coming together, we create greater access and accuracy than ever before in only a fraction of the time.”

“The past 18 months have put an emphasis on digital like never before in this industry. More than ever, business managers need secure, seamless and innovative financial tools to be able to manage their business digitally,” said Martha Henderson, EVP of Entertainment Banking at City National. “At City National, we are committed to serving the entertainment industry in new and compelling ways. Connecting PaymentHub and AgilLink is the latest example of this commitment and allows us to offer our clients a secure, one-click solution they can’t get anywhere else.”

“City National has a long history of supporting the entertainment community, and we are focused on building out our seamless end-to-end payments ecosystem to serve the community’s needs far into the future,” said Verna Grayce Chao, EVP of Treasury Management Services at City National Bank and head of the bank’s software affiliates. “Integrating PaymentHub with AgilLink through secure, enterprise APIs delivers even more value to our clients by providing better, faster and more efficient service.”

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