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Our Food Sustainability Impact

Feeding Our Communities

As our population increases, so does the demand for food. As a result, farmers have had to increase water use and crop land to meet demand, causing a negative impact on our planet.

It has never been more crucial to produce food as sustainably as possible. At City National, we’re always increasing our efforts toward sustainability initiatives by encouraging our colleagues, clients and communities to partner with us.

Hunger is a serious issue, but with the right programs in place and a collective mindset, we believe it doesn’t have to be.  

Although it’s customary to close a major business deal with a celebration, the City National Food & Beverage team has taken a different approach.

Five years ago, the team began celebrating the close of major transactions by donating truckloads of food to agency partners.

In 2021, we...

provided more than
30,000 meals
to families in need.

delivered 20 truckloads with
700,000 lbs. 
of food.

worth of goods.

A Hunger-Free Las Vegas

City National has long supported Three Square Food Bank, who has been providing wholesome food to the hungry in Southern Nevada since 2007.

Our $10,000 CRA grant provided more than 30,000 meals to families in need and got us closer to a hunger-free Las Vegas. 

The Food Pantry Project

With the pandemic disrupting all aspects of life, including many people’s livelihoods throughout 2020 and 2021, food insecurity has affected people in even greater numbers. With many food banks struggling to keep up with daily demand for their services, we knew we had to do something.

Recently, the Food & Beverage team has joined with several of its newer clients to host drive-through distribution events. Despite the temporary shutdown, the program did not lose momentum. Our greatest donations were made in the last quarter of 2021.

The Heart & Soul of the Food Pantry

Jennifer Hernandez, assistant vice president, loan administrator, is at the heart of the City National Bank Food Pantry Program. She works on everything from making connections with local food banks in the communities we serve and organizing the donations, to recruiting volunteers and handing out food, and is central to the initiative’s success and continuation.

She’s currently the sole coordinator of the program, a role she performs in addition to her full-time job.

Recent Food Donation Events

The Food Pantry Project began five years ago. At the time, a truckload of food cost $2,500.

Even though the price for that same truckload has risen dramatically, the program’s popularity has only grown, with events taking place across the country in 2021. 

Kwik Trip
Distributed 17,850 lbs. of food to 538 individuals. Pets were also served.

Foley Family Wines
Served more than 200 households during a drive-through event; remaining food filled the Lincoln Elementary School Pantry.

Anita's Mexican Foods
Distributed 5,000 lbs. of food to 300 people.

Anita's Mexican Foods
Distributed 5,000 lbs. of food to 300 people.

Our Impact

City National Bank might do the same things other banks do, but the way we do them is different. Since our founding in 1954, our commitment to people and relationships has remained the starting point for everything we do.
We invite you to see some of the other ways we support our community and world.

Educational Impact

When it comes to learning, we believe it’s important to be a student for life to stay relevant in our ever-changing world. 

Environmental Impact

On a global and hyperlocal scale, perhaps nothing has a greater potential impact on people’s lives than the health of our planet.

Housing Impact

City National has made it part of our mission to partner with organizations that help make housing dreams come true.