Our Commitment to Fair Lending

We are committed to ensuring that all consumers have an equal opportunity to apply for and obtain credit.
We stand proudly on our legacy of integrity, corporate philanthropy and commitment to the communities we serve.

Featured Lending Programs

 In addition to the work we currently do to ensure equal access to credit1, we look forward to strengthening that commitment through the development of two new lending programs.

Mortgage Lending

This loan program aims to ensure equal access to credit to support a home purchase in communities that we serve.

Small Business Lending

This loan program assists underserved business owners in operating and growing their businesses.

“Our goal is to expand the mortgage lending business by serving historically underserved borrowers through outreach, education, great programs, and excellent service."
Vanessa Montañez, D.E.L.
Community Lending National Sales Manager
City National Bank

New & Existing Commitments

We have built partnerships and programs within the communities we serve for many years.
We look to not only continue our existing efforts, but also take some additional actions.

Mortgage Incentives

We are contributing over $29 million to a fund for mortgage support in underserved communities.

Lending Outreach

We are allocating more resources to advertising, outreach and financial education in underserved communities across the country.

Community Development

We annually commit $20 million to $30 million to affordable housing projects and community development programs.

Organizational Philanthropy

In 2022, we invested more than $11 million in affordable housing, financial education, racial justice and economic development organizations.

1.  All loans, lines of credit and other credit products are subject to credit approval. Additional terms and conditions apply.