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Datafaction¹ services the needs of family offices, business managers and sports management firms that offer bill pay and accounting services. 

AgilLink℠ by Datafaction

AgilLink is an integrated cloud-based accounting and secure bill pay solution that automates and scales the bill payment and client accounting functions. Features include multi-entity, multi-user general ledger as well as integrated imaging, approval workflow and Treasury Management capabilities with City National Bank.


Easily Manage Multiple Ledgers

AgilLink offers the unique ability to maintain multiple general ledgers for each of your clients. You can separately manage client entities such as a music tour, a construction project, multiple households, and charitable foundations, and roll them up into a single accounting view.

Reduce Complexity & Cost

Designed to work with City National Bank’s EASI Link® service, AgilLink combines accounting and banking functions into a single solution, reducing complexity and total cost of ownership. You also avoid the security risks of moving data across separate solutions.

Capabilities include:

  • Automatic bank reconciliation
  • Delivery of bank statements
  • Automatic download of credit card statements and transactions
  • Notifications of banking activity and bank balances
  • Payment execution, including book transfers
  • ACH, domestic wires and bill pay

This powerful integration eliminates the need for duplicate entries into your accounting system and your cash management banking system. A combined interface for accounting, bill pay and banking workflow helps reduce errors and ensure accurate transaction processing.

Provide Security & Privacy

AgilLink gives you complete control over access to systems and data. You can prevent fraud through user-level, role-based permissions with a multiple approval workflow and audit trails. In the switch data center—a secure website hosted through the City National® banking platform—you can approve bills, view the backup documents and search history, and run reports. AgilLink employs rigorous information security protocols, and we build risk assessment capabilities into the solution.

Getting Started

To sign up for AgilLink or for more information, please visit Datafaction.comcontact us or call (323) 291-5700.

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1. Datafaction is an RBC company and is an affiliate of City National Bank Member FDIC.