High Dividend Equities

Strategies using stocks that pay higher than average dividends offer steady income plus opportunity for growth. Dividend yields can provide a cushion when stock prices fall, and add value when prices go up.

In times of low interest rates, bond investors may face a reduced level of income from their fixed income portfolios. Stock dividends are a good alternative for those investors looking to improve their income stream. On an after-tax basis, a strategy using high dividend stocks can compete with bond strategies while also providing the potential for capital appreciation.

Our High Dividend Strategies Offer:

  1. Above-Average Dividend Income. We invest in stocks that pay higher than average dividend yields - targeting yields twice those of the Russell 1000 Value Index.
  2. Competitive Performance. A focus on fundamental valuation may offer outperformance versus the Russell 1000 Value Index.
  3. Reduced Volatility. We seek stocks with a history of stable cash flows, healthy balance sheets, and consistent earnings to help reduce volatility.
  4. In-depth Research. A "bottom up" financial analysis helps indentify firms with a history of solid cash flow, a strong balance sheet, reasonable debt levels, consistent earnings growth and a track record of paying dividends. We seek firms that pay highly attractive dividend yields and appear committed to paying dividends.

Getting Started

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