Verified by Visa®

Shop Secure. Shop Smart. Here's How:

You can protect your City National Bank Visa® Check Card with a unique password for online shopping. All you have to do is register with Verified by Visa today.

Every time you enter your Visa card number to make a purchase at a participating online store, you'll be asked to supply your password before your transaction can be completed. That way, only you can use your City National Bank Visa Check Card for Internet purchases. Registration is quick, easy, and FREE!

  1. Start the purchase process by entering your City National Bank Visa Check Card number. Shop at participating online stores. Enter your Visa number and submit your order.


  2. You'll then be asked to supply your secret Verified by Visa password. A window will appear. Submit your password. Your identity will be confirmed and your transaction complete.


  3. Submit your password and your transaction is completed, quickly and safely. Your then are returned to the online store.

    Register Now. Get Started »

Verified by Visa and the City National Bank program provide free security against unauthorized use of your City National Bank Visa Check Card. Just notify us of a lost or stolen card right away or as soon as you notice unauthorized activity. Best of all, there is absolutely no added cost for either kind of protection!

Enrollment in Verified by Visa is mandatory with your 3rd purchase with a participating vendor.