City National Rewards® Program Terms, Conditions, and Program Rules

Effective From December 1, 2015

These Terms, Conditions and Program Rules (the "Rules") govern the City National Rewards® Program (the "Program") made available by City National Bank ("CNB," "we" or "us") through Financial Institution Benefit Association, Inc. and its vendor, Fidelity National Card Services, Inc. (collectively, "Program Administrator"). The Program accumulates Points for certain transactions using CNB's Visa® consumer and business credit cards, which Points may be exchanged for Awards ("Points" and "Awards" are defined below).

1. Eligibility. The Program is available to CNB's Visa consumer and business credit card account holders ("you" and "your"). Consumer cards include City National Visa Platinum Credit Card, City National Visa Signature® Credit Card, and City National Crystal® Visa Infinite® Card. The business cards include the City National Visa Commercial Credit Card and City National Visa Crystal Commercial Card. Card eligibility is subject to change at any time without notice. Each eligible credit card account that is enrolled in the Program is referred to in these Rules as an "Account" and each qualifying card as a "Card". Authorized users of an Account who are not the Account holders are not eligible for enrollment in the Program.

2. Points Accrual.

(a) An Award eligible point ("Point") will accrue on net purchases only (purchases less returns and other credits) charged and billed to an Account. For each one dollar ($1) spent, Points will accrue as follows:

For Visa Platinum Credit Card, Visa Commercial Credit Card and Visa Crystal Commercial Credit Card Accounts: 1 Point on net purchases, except that the Visa Crystal Commercial Credit Card Account will not accrue Points on any taxi or limousine net purchase.

For Visa Signature Credit Card Accounts: 2 Points on net purchases made at merchants that classify their merchant location for Visa as groceries, restaurants, and fast food and takeout food dining establishments and 3 Points on net purchases made at merchants that classify their merchant location for Visa as gasoline stations.

For Crystal Visa Infinite Card Accounts: 3 Points on net purchases made at merchants that classify their merchant location for Visa in any of the following categories: airlines, hotels, taxis, limousines, rental cars, trains, buses, gasoline stations, groceries, restaurants, and fast food and takeout food dining establishments.

We do not determine whether merchants correctly identify and bill transactions as being made at locations in each particular category. However, we do reserve the right to determine which purchases qualify for the 2 or 3 Points on category purchases. Purchases not eligible to receive the 2 or 3 Points on category purchases include, but are not limited to, purchases made at superstores, warehouse clubs, discount stores, and their affiliates, and they will instead receive 1 Point. Online and catalog purchases are not eligible to receive the 2 or 3 Points on category purchases, and they will instead receive 1 Point, unless the merchants have correctly identified and billed the transactions.

The Program offers a Rewards Plus feature. Under the Rewards Plus feature, you may earn additional Points ("Rewards Plus Points") for qualified in-store and online net purchases from retailers participating in the Rewards Plus network. To earn Rewards Plus Points for qualified online net purchases, you must access the participating retailer website from the Rewards Plus link on after you log in. Once you've accessed the retailer's website, simply use your Card to make your purchase. The Rewards Plus feature is subject to change and cancellation at any time. See FAQs for further details on the Rewards Plus feature.

(b) No Points accrue if an Account is closed, cancelled, blocked, suspended or otherwise not available for use as a source of funding.

(c) No Points accrue for finance charges, interest, late fees, cash advances, balance transfers, cash advance fees, ATM withdrawals and any related ATM fees, PIN-based transactions, foreign transaction fees, foreign transaction currency conversion charges and any related fees, and all other fees and charges posted to your Account.

(d) Credits posted to an Account, including those arising from returned goods or services, reduce the Points accrued in an Account.

(e) Points do not accrue in any Account for any purchases or transactions made and processed by us prior to the date the Account is enrolled in the Program.

3. Point Redemption.

(a)  Points may be redeemed by you to obtain gift cards, gift certificates, merchandise, travel*, or other items (each an "Award") available in the Program at the time of redemption. You may order as many Awards as you like using your Points as long as you have a sufficient number of Points available in your Account. Point requirements assigned to any Award are subject to change from time to time without notice. Awards may be substituted or discontinued at any time without notice. Should an Award be unavailable or discontinued, you will be advised and you may make an alternate selection or have your Points returned to your Account.

(b) Your Account must be open and in "good standing" at the time your order is received for processing. CNB reserves the right to suspend your participation in the Program until the Account is in "good standing". To be in "good standing", an Account must not (i) be delinquent or otherwise in default, (ii) have been cancelled or closed by you or us, or (iii) otherwise not available as a source for funding.

(c) All orders for an Award of merchandise are subject to merchandise availability. You will be notified if the merchandise you have ordered is not available and if and when it will become available. Certain merchandise Awards may require an additional charge for shipping and handling. Your merchandise Award will usually be delivered by a commercial delivery service or the U.S. Postal Service within 4-6 weeks of processing your order. Each item ordered may be shipped separately. Shipments cannot be made to a post office box or outside the United States. If you have an APO/FPO address, please contact Award Headquarters customer service at (800) 411 0596 for details regarding merchandise options and shipments before ordering. Note any damages or shortages on the delivery receipt before signing to accept delivery from the carrier.

(d) Merchandise which is received damaged or defective may be returned within thirty (30) days of receipt for replacement. Please contact Awards Headquarters customer service at (800) 411 0596 to arrange for the return of damaged or defective merchandise. All parts, instructions, applicable manufacturer's warranties and warranty cards and original packaging materials must be returned with the merchandise.


(f) Awards may be subject to additional restrictions imposed by the vendors participating in the Program. Please go to or call (800) 411 0596 for information regarding additional restrictions on merchandise Awards and (855) 853 5496 for information regarding additional restrictions on travel Awards.*

(g) Certain restrictions may apply to travel certificates, tickets and documents. Travel certificates are not exchangeable, refundable, transferable or redeemable for cash. All travel certificates, tickets and documents will be mailed first class U.S. Mail and will not be replaced in the event of loss, destruction or theft. Your Award will usually be delivered within 4-6 weeks of processing your order. You may request travel certificates, tickets and documents to be delivered by overnight carrier but you must agree to pay the associated additional delivery fees before shipment. You are responsible for Federally-imposed airline security fees as well as any surcharges or additional fees, if applicable, as may be imposed by the airlines or aviation authority and must pay them by credit or debit card at the time of the reservation booking. Any additional travel or accommodation arrangements made in connection with any Award will be your sole responsibility.*

4. Points Statement. Except as indicated below, we will send you a City National Rewards statement ("Points Statement") on a quarterly basis, which Points Statement will be mailed to the address of the Account we have in our records. This quarterly Points Statement will show your Points balance as of the end of the quarter. If you have a City National Visa Platinum Credit Card, City National Visa Signature Credit Card, or City National Crystal Visa Infinite Card Account and you have registered your Account at, you will receive your Points Statement by e-mail on a monthly basis. This monthly Points Statement will include the number of Points accrued and redeemed. All Points are subject to adjustment as provided for in these Rules. Your Account may be charged for the actual cash difference between the cost of the Award redeemed and the net value of the actual Points available in the event you redeem unearned Points.

5. Expiration and Forfeiture of Points. Points will be forfeited and will expire if your Account is closed for any reason. Points earned on an Account do not expire provided that Account remains in good standing and the Program is not terminated by us. If we terminate the Program for any reason, you will have 60 days to redeem your Points, assuming your Account is not closed during that period. At the end of the 60-day period, your unredeemed Points will expire. Award orders must be received on or before the date your Points expire.

6. Miscellaneous.

(a) Points have no cash value. Points in this Program cannot be exchanged for cash or credit, may not be used with any other offer, promotion or discount, cannot be combined with cash to obtain an Award and cannot be earned from or transferred to any other rewards program.

(b) Awards available under the Program are subject to change at any time without notice. We reserve the right to add to, change and/or otherwise amend the Program and these Rules at any time without notice. This means, for example, that we may (i) change the number of Points required to redeem Awards, (ii) change the number of Points that may accrue for purchases and charges, (iii) impose caps on the annual number of Points that may accrue, (iv) impose an annual fee, or (v) discontinue or add Accounts. In addition, we reserve the right to discontinue and terminate the Program at any time without prior notice unless otherwise required by applicable law. If the Program is terminated, you will have 60 days from the date we send you notice of termination to redeem your accrued Points provided the Points are not forfeited. We reserve the right to close your Account for good cause at any time. If your Account is closed, your Points will be forfeited.

(c) Contact CNB for details on any current promotions affecting Point accrual or redemption options. Points may be forfeited due to Rules violations. This Program is void where prohibited or restricted by law. You are responsible for any applicable federal, state or local taxes arising out of the accrual or transfer of Points and the redemption of Awards.

(d) You understand and agree that neither the Program Administrator nor VISA nor any vendor providing Awards under the Program shall be responsible or liable to you if CNB fails to meet its contractual and other obligations with Program Administrator and the Program is interrupted or terminated prior to your having redeemed your Points or receive your Awards. You also understand and agree that neither Program Administrator, nor CNB nor VISA is responsible or liable to you if an Award vendor or provider files for bankruptcy or otherwise goes out of business after you have redeemed your Points for an Award from the vendor or provider but before you receive or use the Award.

(e) All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Program, eligibility of Points accrued, transfer of points and redemptions of rewards will be resolved by the Program Administrator in its sole discretion. Points you receive are subject to adjustment by the Program Administrator. All Rules determinations by the Program Administrator are final. Your use of an Account following receipt of these Rules will indicate your agreement to these Rules.

(f) Despite the Program's best efforts to ensure accuracy, printing errors occasionally occur. The Program reserves the right to correct such errors at any time even if it affects a pending redemption of Points for an Award. None of CNB, the Program Administrator or VISA are responsible for typographical errors and/or photographic errors and/or omissions in the brochure or other documentation accompanying these Rules or made available under the Program.

(g) These Rules are governed by and construed under the laws of the State of California (excluding conflicts of law provisions).

* Travel Services are provided by Aspire Loyalty Travel Solutions LLC. Aspire Loyalty Travel Solutions LLC is not owned by or otherwise affiliated with City National Bank or any of its affiliates.