Security at City National

At City National Bank and City National Securities, Inc., protection of client financial information is one of our highest priorities. Our commitment to safeguarding your personal information, as described in our Privacy Statement, is second to none.

For more information about the protection we provide, please read the following:

How We Protect Your Private Information

To protect the confidentiality of our clients’ financial activities, we use technology to update and test our computer networks regularly. Our goal is to ensure we maintain commercially reasonable standards to secure your financial information that meet or exceed the standards of our industry.

Virus Protection

We use computer anti-virus software that is designed to detect and prevent computer viruses from entering our computer network system.


We use a specially programmed computer system that "stands" between City National and the Internet. It is a security measure used by many companies to prevent unauthorized access by individuals or computer networks.

Enhanced Security

City National Bank has contracted with IBM to bring you IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport, an added layer of security that helps prevent your User ID, passwords, and other sensitive information from being stolen by malware or fraudulent sites. Offered and available free to our clients, Trusteer Rapport works with your browser and antivirus program, is easy to install, and simple to use. Learn more.

Continual Monitoring

We continually monitor for attempts to break through our security systems.

Secure Transmission

We encourage you to use our Online Services to preserve your private information over the Internet through the use of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL encrypts all your data into a series of unrecognizable numbers to travel through the Internet and establishes a secure connection between you and us. Once a secure connection is established, our computer network turns these numbers into recognizable information for our use.

Identifying Authorized Users

We have designed our systems to ensure that your Personal Identification Number (PIN), password, and other access codes are private and confidential. For your protection, only you know your access codes. Our employees do not have access to them, and they will not ask you to reveal them.