Families and Individuals

Professional Guidance and Responsiveness

Experience the City National Difference

City National provides individuals and families with intelligent financial solutions crafted to meet specific needs.

We are here to help you with the big purchases, whether you are considering a new home purchase, or an investment in an airplane or yacht. And we are here to assist you in maintaining, protecting and growing your wealth. We understand that there are many facets to your wealth plan, and financing strategies can be a critical component. We listen to you, develop solutions to help meet your ever-changing requirements, and assist you and your family to realize your financial goals on The way up®.

Committed to Your Success

We start with this basic premise: your requirements are unique. We ask specific questions to get to know you: your needs, your desires and your ultimate goals. Using this information our dedicated team of professionals can help you develop highly customized and sophisticated financial solutions designed to address your unique needs.
Clients tell us this personalized approach provides them with the proactive, flexible and coordinated financial solutions they require to help achieve their current, short-term objectives, and their long-term, wealth management goals.
Your dedicated team of City National lending specialists is poised and ready to develop tailored credit solutions. For example, by:

  1. Having a clear understanding of your goals.
  2. Having your basic financial information available, and be ready to discuss your current financial situation with the banker.
  3. Discussing how you determine the amount of funds you need, and how the borrowed money will be used.
  4. Helping you figure out how much you really need to borrow to meet your goals.

Developing and implementing customized credit solutions for both individuals and families is our specialty. City National will work with you to tailor a credit structure that is specifically designed for you and your family.