Consolidated Reporting

Giving You a 360° View

Reviewing and understanding your entire financial situation1 is a critical advantage that helps to validate identified goals, establish new objectives and priorities, modify existing plans and ultimately prepare you to exploit new opportunities.

Our clients choose City National because of our sophisticated, consolidated financial and performance reporting, a comprehensive 360° view of your financial life that covers all aspects of your current financial situation, including investment management and wealth planning. Our performance reporting provides you with relevant, timely information on all of your investments and is an effective tool for gauging whether you are meeting your overall wealth objectives.

This report may also include unique asset evaluations, liabilities, equity, income, expenses and cash flows. It can address issues as diverse as personal, philanthropic and legacy aspirations, family dynamics, estate planning, risk management and many others. If your portfolio consists of all liquid investment (cash, cash equivalents, exchanged stocks and fixed-income instruments), you have the additional benefit of anytime access to your consolidated reports via an online portal.

We report on all of your investments net-of-fees, even those on which we are not advising, and we show performance on a relative and absolute basis, both before and after the effect of cash flows. Your report is available in traditional print format and in the latest digital high-tech, high-touch reporting venues.

Being in the know is not the same as understanding and appreciating your investment performance to date, and how that success relates to your stated goals and future aspirations.

  1. City National Bank its affiliates and subsidiaries, as a matter of policy, does not give tax, accounting, regulatory or legal advice. Rules in the areas of law, tax, and accounting are subject to change and open to varying interpretations. You should consult with your other advisors on the tax, accounting and legal implications of actions you may take based on any strategies presented taking into account your own particular circumstances.