IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport™

IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport


City National Bank has contracted with IBM to offer Trusteer Rapport, an online banking security software to help protect your information from being compromised while you use our website. The tool is available free to our clients, and it’s easy to download and use.


When you’re signed into our site, Trusteer Rapport works within your web browser and integrates seamlessly with most antivirus programs to:

  • Safeguard against malware and cyber-threats that your existing antivirus tools and firewall may not detect or block.
  • Verify that your online connection to City National is direct and encrypted, and that you have not been redirected to a fraudulent “phishing” website attempting to steal sensitive financial information from you.
  • Alert you if you accidentally visit a fraudulent site that looks like City National’s.
  • Prevent malicious financial malware and fraudulent websites from stealing your User ID, passwords, and other information.
  • Helps prevent hackers from intercepting your online banking transactions.

Once Trusteer Rapport is installed, it will be updated automatically on a regular basis, to ensure protection against the latest threats.

Download Trusteer Rapport Now

City National clients may download Trusteer Rapport free, and no registration or contract is required. It is available for PC and Mac platforms. For more information, visit the Trusteer website.

Download for WindowsDownload Trusteer for Windows

Download for AppleDownload Trusteer for Mac

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