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Ace Clearwater Enterprises
Kellie Johnson, President
Ametherm, Inc.
Eric Rauch & Mehdi Samii
Ben Schonbrun
Civil Right Attorney
Burdick Excavating Co.
Linda Burdick, Secretary/Treasurer
Lynn Malmstrom, CEO
Catalina Express
Greg Bombard, President & Co-Founder
Dr. Schroeder
Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist
E. J. Harrison & Sons
Myron Harrison, Vice President
Stephen Neushul, Founder & CEO
IndiePay LLC
John Finn, CEO
ItalFoods, Inc
Georgette Guerra, Owner
Jenson USA
Michael Cachat, President & CEO
Lourdes Chavez
Fashion Designer, Lourdes Chavez Couture Inc.
Lucky Strike Entertainment
Steven Foster, Founder & CEO
Lumos & Associates
Craig Wesner, CEO
Magnolia Bakery
Steve Abrams, CEO
The Meadows School
Jeremy Gregersen, Head of The Meadows School
Mr. Coney's Barbershop
Dustin Coney, Owner
Nevada Tire City
Dawn & Shannon Scheeler, Owners
Patterson Custom Homes
Andrew Patterson, Founder
Drew Skarupa, CFO/COO
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California
Vince Bryson, CEO
Seacrest Village
Retirement Communities

Pam Ferris, President & CEO
Sierra Meat & Seafood
Bud Flocchini, CEO
Sierra Veterinary Hosipital
Dr. Gary Ailes
Sy Kaufman
Founder of Crosslink Capital, Semi-Retired
Bryan Harris, COO & Managing Partner
Terry Vance
President, Vance & Hines Racing
Thomas & Bigler
Knee & Shoulder Institute

Steve Thomas, MD
Vergari & Napolitano
Attorneys at Law

Cozette Vergari, Partner