Business Continuity Notification

CNS participates with and relies on a pre-established, corporate wide "Business Continuity Program" ("Program") of CNB for contingency planning and disaster recovery from various scenarios.

The purpose of this section is to disclose to customers how CNS will respond to the possibility of future significant business disruptions of various durations and descriptions.

The primary objective of CNB's Program is to ensure the continuity of operations in the event of an unplanned business interruption. The program is structured to address a variety of potential outages, related risks, and mitigating actions and controls.

CNB has an Incident Response process that provides for escalation and management of the event, including internal and external crisis communications. During an emergency the bank activates one or more of its Emergency Operations Centers (EOC); the incident response team relocates to the specified EOC until the emergency is over.

CNB has two geographically separate data centers supported by uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and back-up diesel generators, which are tested regularly. Critical applications are replicated at the Bank's recovery center. In addition, there are designated alternate work area locations to relocate critical operations personnel during an emergency.

Business continuity plans are regularly exercised to demonstrate the CNB's ability to continue normal operations with our clients, business partners, and internal staff in the event of a business disruption. These exercises, which include recovery of the infrastructure and critical applications, are conducted regularly and no less than once every twelve months. All plans are maintained on an on-going basis.

As a regulated organization, all components of the Business Continuity Program, as well as the planning and outcome of continuity exercises, are reviewed and validated at least annually by CNB's Board of Directors, the Audit Committee of the Board, and the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency).

CNS ensures that its portion of CNB's Program complies with applicable federal securities laws and FINRA rules, and makes the Program available to the FINRA upon request. CNS will communicate with its regulatory authorities regarding the nature and extent of any significant business disruption as required by applicable law and regulation.

As a participant in CNB's Program, CNS has also diversified its operations and supporting technology services through geographically dispersed locations.

The Program is designed and repeatedly tested to recover from scenarios of varying severity of business disruption, including facilities failures or disruptions to a single building, business district, city or region, telecommunications failures, earthquakes, civil disturbances and other disruptions. For all of these scenarios, to the extent feasible, CNS intends to continue its business operations and provide continued services to customers during any business disruption regardless of the size and length of a business disruption. Anticipated recovery times will vary between a few minutes up to 48 hours.

Small or short term disruptions will allow CNS to continue to operate from its current location at the City National Center, 400 North Roxbury Drive, 7th Floor, Beverly Hills, California 90210.

Larger disruptions may require a physical relocation; but our mailing address, phone numbers, email addresses and website will remain the same, so this should not cause you difficulties in contacting someone to assist you with your needs.

Should a major event take place, additional information will be provided on this web site. This statement is available in writing upon request and is subject to change. Changes will be immediately posted at this location as well as incorporated into the written statement.