Foundation Source®

Foundation Source®

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Online Services for Private Foundations

Manage Philanthropy with Advanced Online Tools

For over 100 years, sophisticated donors have chosen the private foundation as a primary vehicle for charitable giving because of its unique benefits, which include:

  • A philanthropic legacy - You can involve the entire family in giving, passing on your values to younger generations.
  • Financial control - You decide which charities to support and how the assets are to be invested.
  • Immediate tax deductions for future donations - You can remove taxable assets from your estate and thereby substantially reducing capital gains and estate taxes.

City National's Service Alliance with Foundation Source

To assist clients with the management of their private foundation, City National has formed an alliance with Foundation Source, an independent service organization. While City National Bank provides asset management and custody services, Foundation Source supplies back-office administration and compliance services.

About Foundation Source

  • Our Strategic Ally - City National's alliance with Foundation Source provides the support that allows private foundations to fulfill their philanthropic mission without conflict or compromise.
  • Keeps the Foundation Running Smoothly - Foundation Source effectively provides financial and regulatory reporting, compliance with federal regulations, filing of tax returns, documentation and grant administration.
  • Online Tools Facilitate Foundation Operations - Through Foundation Source's online system, families can communicate, collaborate and operate their foundation from any online location.
  • In Co-Operation with Your Advisors - Foundation Source does not offer legal, financial or investment advice, but instead works through the foundation's legal, tax and investment advisors or directly with foundation donors and directors. It is important to consult with your tax advisor if you are interested in setting up a Private Foundation.

Foundation Source is not affiliated with City National Corporation, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.