Real Estate Q&A

Mark J. Forbes, Executive Vice President and Real Estate Banking Manager

What does City National's Real Estate Banking do differently compared to other banks?
At City National, all loans and disbursements are approved at the Bank's headquarters in Los Angeles. This allows for exceptionally fast turnaround times as all approvers have offices at the same location and any issues can be quickly and efficiently resolved.

In addition, qualified clients may be authorized for "streamlined disbursements." When a draw request is made, other banks typically arrange for an inspection prior to disbursing construction funds. This process may cause funding delays while waiting for the disbursement approval process to be completed by the lender.

At City National, qualified clients send in the application and we fund. Post funding we will then inspect the project and make adjustments to the disbursement if necessary.

What types of real estate does City National finance?
We lend on most types of real estate including industrial, retail, office, multi-family, mini-storage and single-family projects. We offer construction loans, bridge loans and mini-perm loans to investors and entrepreneurs.

Do you offer short or long-term financing?
We're most likely to help clients with their need for construction and bridge financing requirements as opposed to a long-term debt. However, we are interested in providing long-term financing on high quality real estate.

What are the top three things you absolutely want people to know about City National's real estate expertise?

  1. We're a very committed player with a long history in the market and where our consistency has proven to be the exception.
  2. Our staff is exceptionally stable and our senior people have been in the business for decades.
  3. We know our stuff and we understand your business.

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