Business Escrow Services

Expertise and Rapid Deal Closure

The entertainment and legal communities have long regarded City National Bank as the expert in Business Escrows — a reputation based on years of experience and our unique ability to close deals in a short period of time.

The four classic Business Escrows* on which we have founded our reputation are:

Business Holding Escrow Typically, when parties to a business agreement are new to each other or when payment is dependent on the performance of a service or the delivery of goods, we provide a Business Holding Escrow to ensure that all parties receive the benefit of their agreement.
Artist - Producer Escrow We developed our Artist - Producer Escrow to protect the interests of both a Producer and an Artist by ensuring that the Producer funds the escrow. The Artist is then paid after the Producer receives the benefit of the Artist’s services.

Other types of entertainment escrows we routinely provide include Concert Touring Escrows and Talent Fee Escrows.
Distribution Escrow Following a production, our unique Distribution Escrow ensures the timely and accurate receipt, reporting and distribution of all film revenues - both on a national and international basis.
Securities Offering Escrow We developed the Securities Offering Escrow to meet the needs of owners and investors during the initial subscription period.

Structuring Escrows with creativity

While City National Bank routinely facilitates these classic types of Business Escrows, we are also known for our creativity and experience in structuring escrows. Our escrow specialists help you find the means to overcome any problems in order to satisfy your particular business needs.

Getting Started

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