Jane Rosenthal: Art in Times of Crisis


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In this exclusive podcast, Kelly Coffey, CEO of City National Bank, speaks with Jane Rosenthal, American film producer and co-founder, CEO and executive chair of Tribeca Enterprises, on leadership in times of crisis.

Rosenthal reveals how she harnessed the power of filmmaking to empower New York, co-founding the Tribeca Film Festival with actor Robert De Niro after 9/11. In addition to talking about digitizing the Tribeca Film Festival in 2020 and City National Bank sponsoring the festival's 20th anniversary in 2021, Rosenthal discusses why you should stay true to what you're doing now more than ever.

Just as film uses human stories to empower communities, Rosenthal talks about how you can use your own personal experience to reconnect with and energize those you love.

Excited to hear more? Click the link above to listen to their conversation about the power of the arts during the time of COVID-19 and beyond. 

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