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Benefit Details

Health, Life And Disability Coverage - Choose Your Insurance Options

City National Bank offers colleagues a comprehensive benefits program that allows you the freedom to select from a variety of insurance coverage based on your individual and family needs. You have flexibility in choosing the right coverage for you and your family.

Benefits of working at City National Bank include:

Medical coverage

City National Bank offers a choice of  medical plans in most locations.

Medical PPO Plan - a preferred provider organization that gives you the flexibility to receive services from any licensed provider of your choice. But, when you receive care from providers in the authorized PPO network, the annual deductible is lower and covered services are reimbursed at a higher level. Some network services are provided at no cost to you.  When you need care, you decide whether to use a PPO network provider or a physician or hospital outside the authorized PPO plan network. In general, you'll need to file claim forms only when you use services outside the specified PPO network.

Medical HMO Plan - a health maintenance organization that consists of a network of doctors, hospitals, health care providers and pharmacies.  In general, you select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) from a list of providers / medical groups / independent practice associations  within your selected HMO plan's network of authorized providers.  Your PCP will coordinate all of your care, including referrals to specialists.  In general, you pay a co-payment for certain services such as doctor's office visits, prescriptions, surgeries, and hospitalization. Some services are provided at no cost to you.  You generally don't have to meet any annual deductible or file any claim forms.  Services not provided and authorized by your HMO provider are generally not covered by the plan.

Dental coverage

City National Bank offers a choice of dental plans in most locations:

Dental PPO - this plan offers the flexibility to see any dentist of your choice. You can use dentists in the authorized dental PPO network and receive the highest reimbursement from the plan, or any licensed dentist you choose outside the network for a lower reimbursement level of benefits. Whether you use network or out-of-network services, the plan covers preventive care with no deductible. Other eligible services are covered after you meet an annual deductible. Benefits are subject to an annual maximum.

Dental HMO - under this plan, you select a dentist within the authorized dental HMO network to provide all of your dental care. You make a co-payment for some services; other services are provided at no cost. The level of co-payment depends on the type of service. You don't have to meet an annual deductible or file any claim forms. The dental HMO plan provides coverage for orthodontia. Dental services that are not provided by your chosen dental HMO dentist are not covered by the plan.

Vision coverage

Two vision plans from which to choose.  Each provides coverage, at varying frequencies, for eye exams, lenses, frames, and contacts (instead of lenses & frames).  Certain services are provided at no cost after the co-payment, others are reimbursed up to a specified allowance. When you receive services from a doctor participating in the network of the vision plan you've selected you receive the highest reimbursement from the plan..

Tax-free flexible spending accounts (FSAS)

FSA accounts allow you to set aside money to pay for unreimbursed health care expenses or certain dependent day care expenses on a before-tax basis. When you incur an eligible expense, you file a claim for reimbursement. You never pay taxes on the money you contribute to the spending account, even when you are reimbursed. City National's benefits program gives you the choice to participant in a  Health Care FSA and/or  Dependent Care FSA.

Life insurance

Eligible colleagues are provided with a specified amount of term life insurance at no cost.  Additionally, colleagues may select from various options to purchase additional (supplemental) colleague term life insurance in multiples of salary.  Colleagues may also elect to purchase life insurance on a spouse or domestic partner and/or eligible children in various amounts.

Accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) insurance

AD&D insurance provides financial protection in cases of death or dismemberment due to an accident. This type of insurance does not cover death due to illness. You can purchase AD&D insurance for yourself only or for you and your eligible dependents.


Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance, in general, provides you with income protection in case of an illness or injury resulting in a disability that lasts for a specified extended period.  Eligible colleagues are provided with Basic LTD coverage at no cost.  Colleagues may purchase additional Supplemental LTD coverage subject to plan provisions and limitations.
Short-Term Disability provides income protection for a disability longer than seven days and is available for purchase by colleagues in specified locations.

Business travel accident insurance

This insurance provides protection to all colleagues for accidents that occur while traveling on City National business. The coverage is fully paid by City National and you do not need to enroll to be covered.


Coverage is available to colleagues who are regularly scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week. Covered dependents may include your spouse or domestic partner and/or children, subject to each plan's specific eligibility criteria.


Together, you and the Bank share in the cost of your benefits coverage. CNB pays the full cost of basic life insurance, basic long term disability insurance, Business Travel Accident insurance, and the Employee Assistance Program. CNB also pays most of the cost of medical and dental coverage. You pay the cost of other benefits. Your share of the cost is generally paid through payroll deductions on a before-tax basis, except that certain benefits may be paid by you on an after-tax basis.
This is a brief summary of the insurance benefits offered through City National Bank and does not replace the plan document(s) or insurance contract(s) which govern in all cases.

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