Plan Services/Conversion - 401(k) Plans

When it’s Time to Lighten Your Load

To free up valuable time for your human resources staff, City National can take on the key tasks of plan administration, compliance testing and tax reporting. Our plan specialists will provide seasoned expertise and ideas regarding the structure, promotion and administration of your organization’s plan.

  • Relationship Manager - A dedicated Trust Officer is assigned to the plan to maintain a personalized level of service with your administrator.
  • Education - We perform initial and ongoing education meetings. Plan-specific enrollment books are provided to employees to educate them on the benefits of the plan, the investment choices and important concepts about saving and investing for retirement.
  • Compliance - We can conduct the required complex discrimination testing and governmental form filings for your plan (such as ADP/ACP, top heavy, 402(g), and annual additions tests.)
  • Trustee - City National Bank can act as trustee and recordkeeper for your plan and provide you and your employees with a cost effective quality retirement program.
  • Conversion - If you are transferring an existing plan, our Conversion Team works with your prior recordkeeper to assure a seamless transition for you and your employees. Weekly updates and a project calendar keep you informed every step of the way.

Getting Started

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