Investment Flexibility - 401(k) Plans

More Investment Choice for Your Participants

Our team of Trust Officers and plan specialists can help you structure a plan with exceptional investment flexibility. And for all plans, City National provides daily valuation for assets (even those with outside money managers).

Depending on your organization’s plan, your participants are offered several popular methods of investing:

  • Predetermined Asset Allocation Models - rebalanced quarterly with detailed performance reports
  • No Load Mutual Funds - a broad range of high quality funds from nationally recognized fund families
  • Target-Date Funds - based on desired retirement age
  • Individually Directed Account (IDA) - accommodates stocks, bonds and unique assets such as limited partnerships, limited liability companies and closely held stock. Learn more »

Custom Plans

Additionally, for privately owned firms with at least $10 million in assets, City National offers plan sponsors maximum investment flexibility with the ability to:

  • Select virtually any mutual fund from any fund family
  • Customize asset allocation models
  • Create a private fund using an outside investment manager

Getting Started

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