Security Solutions

Protecting You and Your Customers from Fraud

Cardholder security is at the forefront of business owners' and consumers' minds as data breaches are being reported in the news. That's why Elavon solutions are offered with added security features to help protect cardholder data.*

  • Safe-T Security Solutions® - Safe-T combined with EMV/chip card technology offers a layered approach to security. EMV/chip card technology protects card validation data at the source, encryption makes data unreadable in transit, and tokenization replaces data with a unique ID, not usable by thieves, that can be used for future transactions. In addition, Safe-T makes PCI DSS compliance easier by pre-filling up to 60 percent of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, and Elavon offers financial coverage if payment card data secured by Safe-T is compromised.
  • PCI - Elavon takes a comprehensive approach to ensure your business stays compliant according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Elavon's PCI Compliance Manager is a user-friendly tool that helps you validate, report, and maintain your compliance.

* Pursuant to agreement City National Bank exclusively markets the merchant services of Elavon, Inc. to its clients and may receive compensation for its services. The information discussed is general in nature and may not apply to your specific situation. Elavon, Inc. is an independent merchant transaction processing service and is not owned by City National Bank or any City National Bank affiliate. Services provided by Elavon are subject to a separate agreement on application approval.